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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was asked:
"Which deed is the dearest to Allah?"
He replied:
"To offer the prayers at their early stated fixed times"
Narrated by Abdullah ibn Mas'oud
Sahih al-Bukhari
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🌍 Around the World

Access prayer times and your personalised prayer calendar wherever you are; in every city and town in the World!

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Keep your calendar organised by choosing which prayers you'd like to add to your calendar and on which days of the week

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Follow a particular calculation method? Choose from a variety of options on SalahBreak to get accurate prayer times for your location

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SalahBreak schedules your prayers into your calendar, at the nearest 15-min interval to the Adhan; blocking out time to complete your prayers

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Get an additional reminder and special calendar notification for Jummah prayer

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Salahbreak scheduling can be downloaded and added to all major calendar apps: Google, iCal, Outlook, and more